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Anna Lowe

A bit of Parisian history

Anna Lowe, an American woman with a passion for fashion came to Paris with a dream to open a unique fashion boutique. A new concept was introduced when Anna Lowe established in 1938 the first outlet store in Paris. She offered designer clothes at discounted prices.

Anna overcame the challenges of starting a fashion business in the midst of World War II and eventually her store became a rousing success Anna proudly ran her store for almost 40 years. One day she met a young Chinese woman from Los Angeles and decided that she would be the perfect person to build upon her lifes work.

In 1975 Suzy took over the boutique and in order to increase the variety of the selections she added to the fashion collection a mix designers including Valentino, Tricot Chic, John Galliano, So, Maria Grazia Sèveri, Roberta Scarpa, Chanel, Versace and Ugo Zaldi.